Used Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC's)

Container Exchanger specializes in saving companies money by providing access to cheap, used Intermediate Bulk Containers, or IBC's for short . Many companies use Intermediate Bulk Containers, but do not require a refurbished IBC, they may simply need a Used IBC that functions fully (no leaks, good cage, good ball-valve, and good top). For that kind of customer, buying used Intermediate Bulk Containers on the cheap is exactly what they need. Your company can buy used, non-refurbished IBC containers at fractions of the cost of new, and this kind of supply is what Container Exchanger specializes in. If you need refurbished 330 Gallon or 275 Gallon IBC's, we can help you with that as well. Container Exchanger can help your company save money no matter what kind of reusable container is required.

If you need to sell your used IBC containers, we can do it for you! We have experience selling and distributing bulk storage containers, industrial storage containers, and shipping containers throughout the nation. Why would you want to call Schutz and give away your used IBC's when you can call us and sell them for good money? We have the expertise and marketing muscle you need to keep your Used Intermediate Bulk Containers flowing out the door and providing extra cash flow. We sell used liquid storage containers (liquid intermediate bulk containers) to large and small companies throughout North America. Since we have so much exposure to companies who are buying collapsible bulk containers, plastic hand totes, plastic pallets, and metal bins, selling Used Intermediate Bulk Containers through us is a quick and painless process.

What kind of Intermediate Bulk Container do you need?

Used IBC
Used 275 Gallon Intermediate Bulk Containers

  • Cheapest Used IBC Option to buy
  • May have a little fluid remaining
  • Disclosure of contents provided

Refurbished IBC
Refurbished 275 Gallon Intermediate Bulk Containers

  • Cheaper option than buying new IBC's
  • Uses a new or completely cleaned bottle
  • Food Grade and Non-Food Grade Available
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